Interpreting Modernity

Daniel M. Weinstock, Jacob T. Levy and Jocelyn Maclure, eds., Interpreting Modernity: Essays on the Work of Charles Taylor. McGill-Queen’s University Press, July 2020.

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Daniel Weinstock, Jacob T. Levy, and Jocelyn Maclure

Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, and Philosophy of Language
Chapter 1: To Follow a Rule: Lessons from Baby Logic
Shaun Gallagher

Chapter 2: Charles Taylor’s Conception of Language and the Current Debate about Theory of Meaning
Hans J. Schneider

Chapter 3: Taylor’s Engaged Pluralism
Richard J. Bernstein

Religion and Modernity
Chapter 4: State-Religion Connections and Multicultural Citizenship
Tariq Modood

Chapter 5: Taylor, Rawls, and Secularism
Ronald Beiner

Moral Agency and the Self I
Chapter 6: What if Anything Is Wrong with Positive Liberty? The Struggles of Agency in a Non-Ideal World
John Christman

Chapter 7: What’s Right with Positive Liberty: Agency, Autonomy, and the Other
Nancy J. Hirschmann

The Interpretation of Modernity
Chapter 8: Whatever Happened to the Ontic Logos? German Idealism and the Legitimacy of Modernity
Michael Rosen

Chapter 9: Taylor, Fullness, and Vitality
William E. Connolly

Moral Agency and the Self II
Chapter 10: Self-Creation or Self-Discovery?
Kwame Anthony Appiah

Chapter 11: An Explicitative Conception of Moral Theory
Joseph Heath

Chapter 12: Charles Taylor and Ethical Naturalism
Nigel DeSouza

Political Philosophy, Recognition, and Multiculturalism
Chapter 13: Protecting Freedom of Religion in the Secular Age
Cécile Laborde

Chapter 14: Two Conceptions of Indian Secularism
Rajeev Bhargava

Chapter 15: Memory, Multiculturalism, and the Sources of Democratic Solidarity
Michele Moody-Adams

Canadian Politics
Chapter 16: Recognition in Its Place
Jeremy Webber

A Conversation between Charles Taylor, Jacob T. Levy, Daniel Weinstock, and Jocelyn Maclure